NEE-01 Pegaso, Debris2013年06月02日 08時02分

NEE-01 Pegaso が、2013年5月23日に 旧ソ連時代のロケット残骸と軌道上で衝突
が起動されるということです。詳細は、 参照。

This is the news NEE-01 Pegaso has crashed to the debris of the Soviet rocket
in the orbit on 23 May 2013. In the current state, Satellite body is orbiting
the Earth, but the great influence has come out and NEE-01 recovery operation
"PERSEO" (Perseus) seems to be operated by GS. For more information, refer to (Japanese web)

1ra transmision nocturna NEE01 PEGASO      16-05-2013
2do dia de transmision del NEE01 PEGASO    17-05-2013
2da Transmision Nocturna del NEE01 Pegaso  17-05-2013
3ra Transmision Nocturna del NEE01 Pegaso  19-05-2013
4to dia de transmision del NEE01 PEGASO    20-05-2013
4ta Transmision Nocturna del NEE01 PEGASO  20/05/2013
5to dia de transmision NEE001 PEGASO       21/05/2013
5ta Transmision Nocturna del NEE-01 PEGASO 21/05/2013

CubeBug-1 Nothing heard2013年06月02日 10時28分

10:05-10:18JST, 2nd Jun 2013, Ele 44 NE-E-S

CO-65 Digi-OFF2013年06月02日 20時40分

However, actually Digi-OFF.
20:09-20:21JST, 2nd Jun 2013, Ele 42 SE-E-N