ESEO 4k8 GFSK2019年10月17日 21時19分

Nice signal

SoundModem update2019年10月16日 20時58分

SoundModem v1.05 changes:
- Added "Pi/4 QPSK V26 2400bd" AEA DSP2232 V26B compatible mode.
- Added standard frequency preset for the following modes:
  'AFSK AX.25 1200bd'
  'DW QPSK 2400bd'
  'DW 8PSK 4800bd'
  'Pi/4 QPSK V26 2400bd'
  Use the "UseStandardTones=0" option in the INI file to disable this feature.
- Added "CAT" PTT port ("CAT.DLL" required, optional).
  PTT control using CAT system.
- Added "EXT" PTT port ("PTT.DLL" required, optional).
  PTT control using CM108/119 GPIO pin. Thanks to Van, NH7IT for support.
- Fixed FRMR frame display.

NOTE: "" archive contains the latest versions of "CAT.DLL" and "PTT.DLL".
      Unpack them into Soundmodem's folder if you need.

NUDTSat not heard2019年10月15日 21時40分

Not heard today at 21:04 JST.

JY1Sat image ID7 #42019年10月14日 23時34分

I also have received ID7 image. Because it was received little
by little every day, it took 3 weeks to complete the reception.

ESEO 4k8 GFSK2019年10月14日 10時54分

4k8 decoded

Luojia 1-01 4k8 GMSK2019年10月13日 14時55分

437.250 MHz

Typhoon-19 #32019年10月13日 09時15分

Sunny weather after the typhoon passed.
I fine-tuned the direction of the antenna toward the zenith.
Mt. Fuji looks beautiful in the far left.

Typhoon-19 #22019年10月12日 21時15分

Typhoon-19 is passing near Odawara City in Kanagawa at 21:00 pm. JST

Typhoon-19 #12019年10月12日 17時56分

Heavy rain at 18:00 pm. JST

DTUsat-2 2.4GHz CW2019年10月12日 13時22分

FFT in SDR#1727 of 2.4GHz reception is displayed rough even if Range and
Contrast are lowered, but FFT in GQRX is displayed cleanly and smoothly.