DTUsat-2 2.4GHz CW2020年04月01日 12時08分

やはり、DTUsat-2 の 2.4GHz信号が、横浜で受信する最後の衛星となりました。
きます。カメラ用三脚、衛星アンテナ、PC + SDR_Dongle も持参しますので、

After all, 2.4GHz of DTUsat-2 was the last satellite to receive in Yokohama.
I will take off for Ishigaki City from Tokyo Haneda Airport on 2 April 2020
away from family for work. I don't live forever and will return to my home
Yokohama in a few years. I will spend some time in this island.

I bring the camera tripod, satellite antenna, PC and SDR dongle, so after a
while, I will try the fixed operation to the satellite there.

SiriusSat-2 4k8 GMSK2020年03月30日 19時35分

good signal

Snow2020年03月29日 09時23分

It's spring in Yokohama but it's snowing now.

My aquarium2020年03月28日 20時02分

Angelfish in my home born last year have grown.

UniSat-6 9k6 GMSK2020年03月28日 19時56分

good signal

DTUsat-2 2.4GHz CW2020年03月28日 11時26分

Very very weak.
I usually receive DTUsat-2 signal on LINUX, but this time I received it on Windows.

Re: Haneda Airport2020年03月27日 18時12分

The airplane from Haneda to Ishigaki Airport seems to fly directly at present.

Haneda Airport2020年03月26日 20時11分

I am worried that I can go to Haneda Airport next week
due to restrictions into entering Tokyo.