Re^2: CubeBug-1 heard ?!2013年05月01日 23時12分

[管制局から返信] 第2段 (許可済)

Hi Mineo, we've just saw your post.
It's really really amazing that you have decoded that message!
You are very lucky, this message is very infrequent, and it's a tribute
to Spinetta, and sort of a hidden gem that you've just got.

The name of the satellite "Capitan Beto" is from the lyrics of a song
by Luis Alberto Spinetta (,
one of the best Argentinian musicians and artists who passed away last
yea (

The lyrics starts with "Ahi va el Capitan Beto por el espacio",
meaning "There he goes, Captain Beto, through the space"

A complete translation of the lyric if you mind:

Most of the beacons in your pass must contain the actual telemetry
from the satellite, so if you still have the bigger audio file,
I'd really love to either try to get it, or see if you can try to
decode a few more messages.

Still, with what you've done already, you made us really really happy.
thanks a lot!



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