FITSAT-1 5.8GHz_Problem2013年05月26日 07時00分

5.8GHzの問題, 2013年5月15日, [訳] by JE9PEL/1 (管制局許可済)



今年1月の終わりに 我々は再び全画像をダウンロードしようとした。最初の画像

コマンドを送った。フロントカメラとリアカメラが 5秒間隔で交互に20枚画像を
撮った。その後、我々は 2月6日にダウンロードコマンドを送った。


5.8GHz帯送信機はまだ動作している。 5月21日に一枚の画像を受信したがエラー

[原文] 5.8GHz Problem, 15 May 2013

As we didn't download the whole pictures at the deployment, we hesitated
to send a new shutter command. But, this caused the trouble.

In order to generate 2W RF-output, it needs more than 15W DC-input.
As the weight limit of Cubesat, we couldn't attach enough heat sink
for 5.8GHz transmitter. The transmitter sends 20 pictures at a time.
One picture is sent with 2 to 6 sec. So, we placed 5 sec interval
between sending pictures for heat diffusion.

End of this January, we try to download the whole picture again.
The first picture was normal, but the second one continues 16 minutes.
Probably, the picture size became FFFF... because of volatilized memory.
I thought the final IC was burned.

We sent a new shutter command over Australia to refresh picture memory.
The front camera and the rear camera took 20 pictures alternately with
5 sec interval. Then we sent the download command on 6th February.

The 5.8GHz transmitter was not burned, but the transmitter was changed
to send only one picture. The first picture by the front camera took
the sun. The latest experiment, we couldn't receive 5.8GHz signal,
though we got acknowledge of download command in 437MHz.

5.8GHz transmitter still works. It sent one picture on 21 May, but we
could not generate the picture because of error data.

NASA ElaNa2013年05月26日 19時59分

NASA ElaNa (Educational Launch of Nanosatellites) の一環として、
2013年9月15日、 Minotaur 1 により Wallops Flight Facility LC-0B
から CubeSats 19機が打上げられるようです。詳細は追ってこれから。

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