CubeBug-1 heard ?!2013年05月01日 10時59分

10:20-10:33JST, 1 May 2013, Ele 71 N-E-S, 437.440MHz AFSK

このパスで、CubeBug-1 の信号が聞こえたような気がします。地上ノイズの隙間
無線機ボリュームを絞り込み過ぎていました。周波数は、公称よりも -5kHz と
していて、wavファイルのサイズは約 8秒間で、1回のみ音が聞こえます。音量が

CubeBug-1 decoded2013年05月01日 13時07分

管制局のHPにある 4月26日付けの投稿ファイルを MixW にかけると、信号が強力
なので上のようにデコードすることができました。先程の自局の wavファイルは
信号が微弱なのでデコードすることはできませんが、CubeBug-1 からのものであ
ることは確信しました。よく聞くと信号音が同じです。もう一度、CubeBug-1 の

> CubeBug-1 to earth, aca va el Capitan Beto flaco!.

Re: CubeBug-1 heard ?!2013年05月01日 15時27分



I can confirm this really sounds like the CubeBug-1!

In fact, thought we haven't heard it ourselves, from reports of other
people, we are now almost sure the central frequency has shifted to
437.438.300 Hz.

The quality sound quality of your file sounds pretty good, though
there's are some low frequency components that sound a bit weird at
248Hz and 744Hz.

Can you see how much time there is between beacons?

Thanks a lot!

CubeBug-1 beacon interval2013年05月01日 17時23分


Red    ... beacon
Yellow ... interval

Re^2: CubeBug-1 heard ?!2013年05月01日 23時12分

[管制局から返信] 第2段 (許可済)

Hi Mineo, we've just saw your post.
It's really really amazing that you have decoded that message!
You are very lucky, this message is very infrequent, and it's a tribute
to Spinetta, and sort of a hidden gem that you've just got.

The name of the satellite "Capitan Beto" is from the lyrics of a song
by Luis Alberto Spinetta (,
one of the best Argentinian musicians and artists who passed away last
yea (

The lyrics starts with "Ahi va el Capitan Beto por el espacio",
meaning "There he goes, Captain Beto, through the space"

A complete translation of the lyric if you mind:

Most of the beacons in your pass must contain the actual telemetry
from the satellite, so if you still have the bigger audio file,
I'd really love to either try to get it, or see if you can try to
decode a few more messages.

Still, with what you've done already, you made us really really happy.
thanks a lot!