AX.25 Protocol2011年12月07日 20時23分

普段、無意識に使っているパケット通信「AX.25 Protocol」ですが、改めてこの
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M-Cubed Docked to E1-P?2011年12月07日 20時43分


December 6th, 2011

What was initially just a "thinking outside the cube" theory has now become
much more of a reality. When we first started diagnosing why M-Cubed was so
quiet and why we weren't receiving beacons at expected intervals, we threw
out the idea that perhaps it was stuck to Explorer 1-Prime. After studying
the Doppler shifts of both satellites, we have concluded the consistent
correspondance between the two sats is far more than a coincidence. Also,
NORAD has not picked up any further satellites between the two objects we
believe are M-Cubed and E1-P.

The image above shows exactly how close M-Cubed and E1-P's Doppler's match up.
The spectogram below shows that E1-P may actually be amplifying and mirroring
M-Cubed's signal.

A special thanks to Mike Rupprecht (DK3DWN) and Tetsu san (JA0CAW) for their
continued work tracking M-Cubed around the world! Currently, the team is
investigating the feasibility of how this may of happened and planning the
next steps of operation.