50th Anniversary of OSCAR 12011年12月13日 19時02分

AMSAT-NA と、AMSAT-UK からの転載です。

The first amateur radio satellite OSCAR 1 was launched 50 years ago on
December 12, 1961.  OSCAR 1 was battery powered and signals lasted for
about two weeks. It re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere on January 31, 1962.

The original audio recording of OSCAR 1, 144.983MHz CW
The half speed recording of OSCAR 1, 144.983MHz CW
Sixty Years of Radio Amateur Communication - Marconi to the OSCAR Satellite
Newspaper article on OSCAR 1

Wrote by VA6BMJ,
1957-10-04:  Sputnik 1 launched
1959-09-12:  Luna 2 launched to moon, impacted 1959-09-13
1960-08-12:  Echo 1 launched
1961-04-12:  Vostok 1 with Yuri Gagarin
1961-05-05:  Freedom 7 with Alan Shepard
1961-07-21:  Liberty Bell 7 with Gus Grissom
1961-08-06:  Vostok 2 with Gherman Titov
1961-12-12:  OSCAR 1 launched
1962-02-20:  Friendship 7 with John Glenn
1962-07-10:  Telstar 1 launched
1962-08-27:  Mariner 2 launched to Venus, closest approach 1962-12-14

Delfi-n3Xt2011年12月13日 21時00分

Delfi-C3 (DO-64) の次期後継機 Delfi-n3Xt が、来年 2012年9月に打ち上げら
れる予定です。 3Uサイズのようです。 n3Xt は、next をもじったのでしょうか?

Delft University of Technology
Transponder down 145.880 -145.920MHz and up 435.530-435.570MHz
Telemetry and beacons on 145.870MHz and 145.930MHz
High speed downlink on 2405.00MHz