ARISSat-1 最終公式報告 [AMSAT-NA]2012年01月05日 09時41分


ARISSat-1 総括 [AMSAT-UK]2012年01月05日 10時47分

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TSUBAME 開発情報2012年01月05日 21時24分

東京工業大学 次期衛星『TSUBAME』開発情報

現象の観測 (ガンマ線検出器・X線偏光検出器:河合研)、可視光カメラを用いた
地球観測 (小型光学カメラ:木村研) を実施するためのコントロールモーメント
ジャイロ(CMG) を用いた高速度姿勢変更と高精度指向制御の両立を図る、超小型

Supporting Organisation: Laboratory for Space Systems,
                         Tokyo Institute of Technology
Contact Person  matunaga.saburo

Headline Details: TSUBAME is a 30kg class microsat planned for LEO to be
launched from Japan 2012. It's the fourth satellite development project
undertaken within the Laboratory for Space Systems at Tokyo Institute of
Technology. TSUBAME demonstrates a satellite platform that can be used for a
variety of engineering and scientific missions. The missions are as follows;

 1. Demonstration of satellite bus technology for 30kg-class microsatellite
    and verification of COTS components such as micro-processors, memory and
    Li-ion batteries in the space environment

 2. Verification of Control Moment Gyros developed by the Laboratory for
    Space Systems

 3. Demonstration of high-speed attitude manoeuvres technology using Control
    Moment Gyros. Some sensor data acquisition experiments will be conducted
    at the same time in order to demonstrate applications of CMGs.

 4. Demonstration of SRLL communication protocol developed by Tokyo Institute
    of Technology and high-speed GMSK data downlink

 5. Data collection experiment through internet with the aid of radio amateurs
    all over the world Proposing to use VHF for telecommand and UHF for
    telemetry downlink and a CW beacon. CW Beacon coordinated on 437.250MHz
    and AX25 Telemetry on 437.505MHZ