RS-39 (Chibis-M) launch tomorrow2012年01月24日 20時31分

RS-39 の放出は、明日 1月25日 08:18:30JST に変更になっています。

1/24/2012 2:07:00 Moscow time, Undocking cargo vehicle "Progress M-13M" on ISS

=== Changing the orbit, orbital parameters of the specification ===

1/25/2012 3:18:30 Branch microsatellite "Chibis-M" from the cargo ship "Progress M-13M.

Tonight at 2:00 09 minutes 35 seconds Moscow Time (January 23 22:09:35 GMT)
automatic cargo spacecraft "Progress M-13M" separated from the docking module
"Pirs" of the International Space Station. 

Then, using the two inclusions of the basic engine, in 05 hours 35 minutes
13 seconds (01:35:13 GMT) and at 06 hours 22 minutes 00 seconds (02:22:00 GMT),
the ship was transferred to a higher orbit with average height of about 500 kilometers.

This maneuver was performed in order to launch into the working orbit small satellite
"Chibis-M", intended to implement a new geophysical experiment "microsatellite." 

According to the calculations of ballistic Service Mission Control Center
Research Institute of mechanical engineering, micro-separated from the cargo
ship January 25 at 03 hours 18 minutes 30 seconds (January 24, 23:18:30 GMT).

The same day, space vehicle "Progress M-13M" will complete its mission.