Summary of the satellite "Chibis-M"2012年01月27日 21時56分

Category: News of the project Chibis-M
January 27, 2012

Today, work was continued with the SC "Chibis-M". In the period from 23:00 am 26.1
to 11:00 pm 27.1, 4 sessions were conducted with ground control station in Krasnoyarsk
and 5 sessions with ground control in Kaluga.

Past sessions allow us to conclude that the main parameters of the microsatellite
are normal. During the chat sessions were the following parameters on-board systems:

The voltage onboard network 13.2V-15V
Current on-board network 0.48A - 2.72A
The temperature on board the vehicle from 0 to 28 degrees Celsius 

Parameters within acceptable values.

It was continued for configuring the system and stabilize the orientation of the spacecraft,
in particular algorithm is enabled to maintain solar orientation. According to information
received telemetry data confirmed that the unit is currently sorietirovan solar panels
to the sun and has a small rotation around this axis.

Transfer of technology telemetry in Morse code was resumed today at 00:30 Moscow time
and will continue until 16:30. Today's reports of reception of the satellite signal
received from Malta, Italy, France, USA, Argentina, India and Japan. 

The next session is scheduled with the spacecraft on 1/28/2012 2:01:41 Moscow Time.

1 38051U 11062C   12026.60146318  .00048217  00000-0  20834-2 0    78
2 38051  51.6466 118.0065 0011518 250.8894 136.3829 15.21949765   247