ESA(欧州宇宙機関) CubeSats 計画2008年06月10日 02時21分

が発表されました。翻訳する時間がないので 原文のまま紹介します。
要旨は、2008年末か 2009年始め に打ち上げられる CubeSats 9機を
ESA が選定した、ということです。 補欠の 2機も選定されています。

9 Cubesats offered free launch with ESA
ESA - European Space Agency (欧州宇宙機関)

Cubesats built by students from universities in Poland, Spain, Italy,
Switzerland, Romania, France, and Belgium have been selected for a free
ride to low earth orbit. The launch is scheduled on the Vega maiden flight
from Kourou at the end 2008 / early 2009 TBD. One Belgium cubesat proposes
to use D-Star as a communications protocol.


ESA Announces Vega CubeSat Selection

7 June 2008
After a thorough and exhaustive review of 22 proposals that were received
from universities all over Europe, ESA officials have finally selected
9 CubeSats (plus two back-ups) that will be flown during the debut of
Europe’s new Vega launch vehicle in late 2008 or early 2009.


Selected CubeSats
The final selection of the chosen CubeSats for the Vega Maiden Flight was
primarily based on the project objectives and technical quality of the
proposals, together with their educational return. The 9 chosen payloads
are listed below, with their mission objectives: 

1. SwissCube (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland):
a mission to characterise the air glow phenomenon in the Earth's atmosphere;

2. Xatcobeo (a collaboration of the University of Vigo and INTA, Spain):
a mission to demonstrate software-defined radio and solar panel deployment;

3. UNICubeSAT (University of Rome, Italy):
performing in-situ measurements of atmospheric neutral density using the
Broglio drag balance instrument;

4. Robusta (University of Montpellier 2, France):
a mission to test and evaluate radiation effects (low dose rate) on bipolar
transistor electronic components;

5. AtmoCube (University of Trieste, Italy):
in-situ monitoring of space environment parameters such as radiation flux,
magnetic field and atmospheric density;

6. e-st@r (Politecnico di Torino, Italy):
demonstration of an active 3-axis Attitude Determination and Control system
including an inertial measurement unit;

7. OUFTI-1 (University of Liege, Belgium):
a mission to test the use of the D-STAR amateur radio digital communication
protocol in space;

8. Goliat (University of Bucharest, Romania):
imaging of the Earth surface using a digital camera and in-situ measurement
of radiation dose and micrometeoroid flux;

9. PW-Sat (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland):
a mission to test a deployable atmospheric drag augmentation device for
de-orbiting CubeSats.

Two backup CubeSats were selected in case any of the primary CubeSats are
not able to fulfil the requirements of the launch opportunity. They are:

10. UWE-3 (University of Wuerzburg, Germany):
demonstration of an active 3-axis Attitude Determination and Control system
using magnetorquers;

11. HiNCube (Narvik University College, Norway):
imaging of the Earth surface using a digital camera.

ESA(欧州宇宙機関) CubeSats 計画 #22008年06月10日 18時26分


SwissCube  スイス・ローザンヌ連邦工芸学校
Xatcobeo   スペイン・ビーゴ大学, INTA(スペイン国立航空宇宙技術院) 共同製作
UNICubeSAT イタリア・ローマ大学
Robusta    フランス・モンペリエ第二大学
AtmoCube   イタリア・トリエステ大学
e-st@r     イタリア・トリノ工業短大
OUFTI-1    ベルギー・リエージュ大学
Goliat     ルーマニア・ブカレスト大学
PW-Sat     ポーランド・ワルシャワ技術大学
UWE-3      ドイツ・ヴュルツブルク大学
HiNCube    ノルウェー・ナルビク大学

GO-32 SatGate2008年06月10日 19時51分

久しぶりに、GO-32 V/U 9600bps SatGate しました。
IGate局が少なくとも 2局いると、APRS に My_Call が先頭に載ります。
今回は自局の他、JA6PL, JH4BTI 局の 3局が IGate していましたので、
JA0CAW, JH1BCL 各局も含め、皆様の Callsign も先頭に載っています。