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[SatPC32 registration] 登録利点

If you want to test the SatPC32 programs you can download the present
German or English version 12.8b. The program will be installed as Demo
version. The only restricition of the Demo: The user's QTH coordinates
can not be stored for the main program SatPC32.exe, but have to be
entered at every program start.

[AMSAT Online Store, SatPC32] 登録入手

After purchasing the software, Martha (in AMSAT-NA) will send you a
license key to use to unlock all the features of the software.

The programs SatPC32.exe and Wisat32.exe calculate the tracks of earth
orbiting satellites. The calculations are based on the SGP4/SDP4 model,
the results therefore are highly accurate. Both programs are included
in the SatPC32 program package.

The program provides a constantly active DDE interface, which allows
third-party-programs to receive the antenna positions, frequencies and
modes calculated by SatPC32. This interface -in example - can be used
by CX6DD's WispDDE. Thus all hardware supported by WispDDE can be
controlled also by SatPC32.

A particular interface allows cooperation with Uni_Trac 3000.
Therefore all hardware supported by that program can be steered with
SatPC32, too (beyond the devices supported by SatPC32 itself).

The programs run on IBM-compatible PCs under WINDOWS 98, ME, Windows NT,
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. As far as I know SatPC32,
Wisat32 and DDESat32 (see below) are the only 32-bit-programs at present
time, that provide rotor-control with the IF-100 and RifPC and a rotor-
and frequency-control with the Kansas-City-Tracker/Tuner on WinNT 4.0
and Windows 2000.

[WiSP DDE] 関連情報

Radio and rotor control using DDE output from WiSP, The Station Program,
or EA4TX's ARS system. Now with transparent tuning for analog transponders.
Provides Doppler tuning for IC-821, IC-970, IC-275, IC-475, IC-746,
IC-R7000, IC-R8500, PCR-1000, FT-847, FT-736, AR-5000, AR-8000, TH-D7,
TM-D700 and TS-790. Interfaces to GS-232, FODTrack, CI-V, and IF-100 rotor
controllers too.


Re: DDESat32 registration
From: Erich Eichmann
To: Mineo Wakita
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2013 21:29:02 +0100

Hello Mineo,

DDESat32 is freeware and can be installed without registration code.
Registration is not provided.

However, SatPC32 (at least the demo version) should be installed on the
PC to allow DDESat32 to evaluate the SatPC32 settings for rotor control.
DDESat32 uses automatically the same rotor control settings as SatPC32.
The same do Wisat32 and SatPC32ISS which are part of the SatPC32 program

All programs in the SatPC32 program package are full versions even in
the demo version except SatPC32 itself.

73s, Erich, DK1TB



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