CubeBug-1, NEE-01 Pegaso, TURKSAT-3USAT2013年03月23日 11時38分



Launch date: April 28, 2013
Launch site: Jiuquan Space Center, China
Launch rocket: Long March CZ-2D

Ministry of Science, Technology & Productive Innovation, Argentina
437.445 MHz  AX.25, 1200bps, AFSK / 9600bps GMSK
Payloads on this first mission include:
- an ARM based on-board computer
- a nano-reaction wheel with its driver circuit
- a low resolution camera
all based on COTS components

NEE-01 Pegaso
Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency, Ecuador
910MHz FM, AMTV-CW (3 portadoras), SSTV (varios modos)

Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
 uplink   145.940-145.990MHz
 downlink 435.200-435.250MHz
CW beacon 437.225MHz

4月打上げ予定衛星・周波数2013年03月23日 20時23分

4月19日 OSSI-1, SOMP, BEESat 2/3, Bion-M1, AIST, Dove-2
4月19日 EstCube-1
4月28日 CubeBug-1, NEE-01 Pegaso, TURKSAT-3USAT

Satellite       Downlink          Mode
----------      ---------------   --------------------------
OSSI-1          145.980/437.525   CW/1200bps
SOMP            437.485           1200bps, 9600bps BPSK
BEESAT-2/3      435.950           4800bps GMSK
Bion-M1         ?                 ?
AIST            ?                 ?
Dove-1,2        ?                 ?
EstCube-1       437.250/505       CW/9600bps
CubeBug-1       437.445           1200bps AFSK, 9600bps GMSK
NEE-01 Pegaso   910.000           AMTV-CW, SSTV
TURKSAT-3USAT   437.225           CW, Transponder(V/U)
-------------   ---------------   --------------------------