FO-29 CW Buzz2015年01月01日 20時58分

FO-29 のバッテリー温度が高いことを懸念するメールが米国Richlandカレッジ
の関係者から届きました。メールタイトルの Buzz の意味がわからない.....

Subject: FO-29 CW Buzz
From: Frank Wiesenmeyer
To: Mineo Wakita
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2014 21:17:14 -0600

Hello Mineo:

I have been concerned about the FO-29 steady high battery temperature
around 35-37C since August 9, 2014. This is around the time that the
spacecraft began to be in full sunlight through the entire orbit.

Today I have now noticed the CW note on the beacon and other CW stations
has a very noticable BUZZ much like a poorly filtered DC power supply
with AC ripple.  Since we have no source of AC on the spacecraft, I am
thinking that some other form of AM moulation is taking place, perhaps
in the switching regulator subsystem.  I am hoping this symptom will
disappear by itself,but due to the satellite's age and high battery
temperature, I am more than a little concerned, more like worried.

The battery current channel 4B has sent strange data for many months now.
For example today's numbers like 46, 4A and 4D which translate to +214 mA
suggests that  the battery is discharging even though it is in the
sunlightand the solar arrays are producing 1068 mA which is normal.
I wonder if one of the 11 battery cells has shorted and the BCR (battery
charge regulator) may be malfunctioning or overreacting . The Bus
Voltage channel 5A alsoreads strangely low, unusual values since mid
September 2014. Typical ch 5A now is 98 which translates to 14.896 Volts,
just 0.168 V below the 15.064 battery voltage. Before September 18, 2014,
The bus voltage channel 5A typically read F1, which when corrected to B1
translates to to 17.353V with battery voltage of 15.60V (TE channel 4C
reading 91). Therefore, the Bus Voltage was normally 1.75 V HIGHER than
the battery voltage. 

Today's Data:
74  46  8D  8C  99  75  89  82  81  86  79     22:47:22  UTC   12-31-14
6D  4A  8C  8A  98  7A  89  82  81  86  79     22:48:11  UTC   12-31-14
65  4D  8A  88  95  70  89  82  80  86  79     22:49:02  UTC   12-31-14

I hope you and your fine family are all in good health and safe from
the radiation that was leaking from the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Best wishes for the NEW YEAR.

73 for now,

Frank K9CIS

PS 10m and 15m are still very good for DX to Japan.
Do you operate on these bands?


Re: FO-29 CW Buzz
From: Mineo Wakita
To: Frank Wiesenmeyer
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2015 20:45:10 +0900

Hello Frank, Happy New Year.

Thank you for the detailed report on the FO-29.
I already analyzed using the data DK3WN has received in 16:57 UTC,
22 December 2014.

Data I
hihi 200288d500770000096001016f4f8c89964f7e7c838375
hihi 200288d50077000009600101644f8a8894697e7c838375
hihi 200288d5007700000960010161708987937e7e7c838375

Data II
hi hi 20 02 88 d5 00 77 00 00 09 60 01 01 6f 4f 8c 89 96 4f 7e 7c 83 83 75
hi hi 20 02 88 d5 00 77 00 00 09 60 01 01 64 4f 8a 88 94 69 7e 7c 83 83 75
hi hi 20 02 88 d5 00 77 00 00 09 60 01 01 61 70 89 87 93 7e 7e 7c 83 83 75

My wrote program "fo29cwts.exe" can be analyzed either Data I and II,
and "fo29cwte.exe" can be analyzed using only Data II.
We will get more detailed analysis results using "fo29cwte.exe".

> PS. 10m and 15m are still very good for DX to Japan.
> Do you operate on these bands?

I don't have unfortunately the antenna of those band.

JE9PEL, Mineo Wakita



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