FO-29 Normal!2015年01月02日 08時32分

FO-29 は好調です。昨日の CW Buzz(蜂がブンブン鳴るような音) は、彼の無線機

Subject: FO-29 Normal!
From: Frank Wiesenmeyer
To: Mineo Wakita
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2015 16:57:25 -0600

Hi Mineo:

I have great news!  FO-29 is completely normal and the CW note (tone) sounds
great!  The problem is in my Kenwood KPS-15 Power Supply, which powers my
TS-2000X.  My son K7WDO checked on FO-29 last night and reported that the
satellite sounded normal at his QTH in Oregon, with a good CW note.

Today, I listened to FO-29 at the home of my XYL Jo K9WXC and FO-29 once
again sounded very good, strong and had a normal CW tone.  I now remember
that the strange CW note with a buzz happened right after a power outage
at my QTH.  Apparently, when the power went off and came back on rapidly,
a surge occurred when the Kenwood KPS-15 came back on and the surge damaged
the power supply.  I am so relieved, as FO-29 is by far the best satellite
we have ever had and the thought of losing it was  very disturbing.

I just received several frames of Telemetry at K9WXC and put them into the
spread sheet designed by my XYL Jo.  The data is attached to this email.

Thank you for always answering my emails soon after you receive them.

If only JAMSAT or whichever Japanese group designed and built FO-29 could
build a follow up mission to replace FO-29 someday. This wonderful satellite
can not last forever.  Are the members of the FO-29 design team still
together and active?

Sorry you do not have antennas for 10 and 15 meters.
What bands are you active QRV?

73 for now,

Frank Wiesenmeyer K9CIS 
A very relieved K9CIS Hi Hi

PS. The antennas are at K9WXC QTH



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