ISS_KIBO CubeSats 放出日決定(修正)2012年10月02日 19時10分

1回目 4th Oct, 23:30-23:40JST頃、WE WISH, RAIKO の順に放出
2回目 5th Oct, 00:35-00:45JST頃、TechEdSat, F-1, FITSAT-1 の順に放出

The deployment of five CubeSats from the International Space Station (ISS)
should take place on Thursday, October 4 commencing with the first pod
at 14:30 UT and the second at 15:35 UT. It is planned to broadcast the
deployment live on the web. October 4 is also the 55th anniversary of
the launch of the first satellite Sputnik-1.