How to analyze WE_WISH HK data2012年10月31日 01時07分

WE_WISH HK data send just after an irregular CW sound for an instant
regularly now. Infrared image data as SSTV were sent until the other
day, but the recovery is carried out by Ground Station. The software to
analyze these HK data was developed by DK3WN. Because he is still testing
it, the general release is going to become after it do. I lead here, and
I introduce it. HK signal from WE_WISH are sent every 16 seconds. So you
record a signal once and should replay it after having edited the necessary
parts. I introduce the method to analyze here. (Click the image to enlarge.)

 1. Extract the next page from PDF file of Ground Station.

 2. Download an audio file from ST2NH home page when it is difficult to
    receive the FM signal from WE_WISH directly.

 3. Change the sound setting of the Control Panel beforehand.
    The following figure is a thing in case of Windows XP.

 4. Ready to replay the sound. (Windows Media Player etc.)

 5. Run "wewish.exe". It is decoded on a DOS screen automatically when
    you play the sound file.

 6. Open the automatic generated HEX file in the same folder, and copy it.

 7. Run "wewish_data.exe", and paste the data on the window. 
    The data analysis is completed.