How to decode WE_WISH SSTV2012年10月10日 21時04分

WE_WISH 赤外線画像を解析する方法について、外国局から質問メールが来ました。
この SSTV信号は世界中で受信されています。しかし 管制局HPには、English の
ページはあるものの 未だ Coming Soon の状態で、デコーダーも PDFファイルも

JE9PEL, I explain a method of the decoding WE_WISH SSTV photo received ST2NH.
Because there is only a Japanese software and PDF file, I do not know whether
you can analyze it by a method to explain here properly in English.

 1. You will get a clean red and a yellow photo of the infrared signal using
    MMSSTV. Save this image as the BMP file. And you will notice some curved
    lines at the center of the image. I do not know what it is.

 2. Install Decoder and PDF file from Japanese homepage of WE_WISH GS.
    I put the same program in English 'wishsstv.exe' in my homepage.

 3. Set BMP file which you saved first in the column of this decoder.

 4. Set two CFG file 'AMB20-OBJ20_Cal.dat' and 'AMB20-OBJ40_Cal.dat' etc.
    Input temperature value in two columns of this decoder, and run it.
    See the next image for example.

 5. The CSV file is generated in the folder automatically.
    It is 'st2nhstv_OUT.csv' for example.

 6. Open this CSV file using a tool Graph-R 2.30 'GraphR.exe'.

 7. You will decode them as follows.

F-1 heard ?2012年10月10日 21時19分

唯一 聞こえていなかった F-1 が聞こえたらしい。(未確認)

09/10/2012 at 11:15 AM
Monitoring 145.980: heard CW on October 8, 2012 at 10:28 PM Eastern Daylight
time and at 10:30 PM, 10:31 PM and 10:32 PM. Another pass heard CW at 12:00AM
on October 9, 2012 and again at 12:01, 12:02, 12:03, and 12:06 AM.
Using a HyGain v-2 vertical VHF antenna at 35 feet in the air. Radio is a
Kenwood TM-271 A. Had watched ISS pass over at 8:23 PM on October 8, 2012.
Good work on your project!
Best wishes, Pat, K4NRD.

09/10/2012 at 9:43 PM
Thank you Pat for the effort! Please help us to continue tracking F-1 CubeSat
on 437.485 (in daylight) and 145.980 (in darkness). Both in FM Narrow mode.
And check the new TLE for F-1!
Thanks, Thu

10/10/2012 at 10:00 AM
More CW on 145.980 between 10:44 PM and 10:49 PM on October 9, 2012.
Times are Eastern Daylight time. I am in Madison, Florida at an elevation of
170 feet above sea level. Coordinates: 30-27-56 N and -83-24-08 W. This is
very near the Georgia border in north Florida. Still using the V-2 vertical
antenna and Kenwood TM-271A radio. I took video of the radio receiving the
signal with good audio. Is there a way to email that .avi file to you?
Pat, K4NRD

10/10/2012 at 2:38 PM
Hello Pat,
If the avi file is less than 15MB please send it directly to my email address otherwise please upload it to YouTube or an online file
sharing website (such as and send me the link.
However, please note that F-1 transmit telemetry packets (AFSK modulation)
on 145.980MHz using FM mode not CW. It has a PWM Morse code audio beacon
on 437.485MHz (only operates in daylight) but also in FM Mode.
Thanks, Thu

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WE_WISH    38856
F-1        ?