MXL Ground Station Client setup2016年11月04日 21時03分

"HS-Soundmodem + MCubed-2 Client" の設定方法です。久しぶりの運用で、下記
(12)の batファイルの起動がうまくいかなかったので、コマンドプロンプトから
直接、"groundstation_launcher_public.jar"  を立ち上げる方法をとりました。
(12)を (20) に差し替えて下さい。他はそのままの手順で大丈夫です。あるいは
(12)で run_gs_client.bat  を次のように書き換え、HS-Soundmodem の起動後に
run_gs_client.bat を実行すると、MCubed-2 Client を起動することができます。

     Rewrite "run_gs_client.bat" as follows.
     > cd groundstation
     > java -jar groundstation_launcher_public.jar

 (1) Access to in the following GRIFEX web site.

 (2) Click "Downloading the MXL Client Application" and open the PDF file.

 (3) Click to get an account at

 (4) Set your account here and Login.

 (5) Input your "Username and Password" in the popuped window.

 (6) Get "API Access Token" number in the bottom right of the display.

 (7) Press "Dounload Public Client Launcher" in "MXL Satellite Client".

 (8) Download automatically "" into your PC.

 (9) Extract this zip file to the appropriate folder.

(10) Edit config.props in "groundstation" in "mxl_client" folder.

     > radio.1.port=8100
     > client.callsign=JE9PEL

(11) Run setup_pyserial.bat in "mxl_client" folder.

(12) Don't use run_serial_to_tcp.bat,
     Run directly "run_gs_client.bat" in "mxl_client" folder.

     Rewrite "run_gs_client.bat" as follows.
     > cd groundstation
     > java -jar groundstation_launcher_public.jar

(13) Input your "API Access Token" number in the popup window.

(14) Then run automatically "MXL Ground Station Client v1.1.0".

(15) Change to CADRE or GRIFEX or MCubed2 in "Select Satellite" tab.

(16) Install Python 2.7 at the time of the appropriate timing.

(17) Run HSM (High Speed Soundmodem by UZ7HO).

(18) Check "Enabled" in "KISS Server Port: 8100" in HSM(UZ7HO).
       Settings -> Devices -> Server setup

(19) Then you can decode the signal by the above setting.