FO-29 via RTL-SDR2013年02月04日 20時35分

FO-29 Transponder with RTL-SDR
ST2NH wrote on 3 Feb 2013:

Receiving FO-29 satellite transponder with RTL-SDR.
SDRsharp is so simple and so lite software to begin with.  

IMHO its receiver sensitivity is so great compare to other software around!
At least to my hardware setup and to my recent experience with SDR tech.

The RTL-SDR stick.
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Receiving satellite telemetry with RTL-Stick
ST2NH wrote on 2 Feb 2013:

It is a new wave to learn and practice the Software Defined Radio (SDR)
technology with just a cheap RTL stick.

Satellites received,

No dopper coreccting was used.
USB mode used for easy tuning.
No PreAmp used. Signal was strong.
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