UISS v5.3.2 Update2013年02月08日 20時28分

現在行われている Shadow Experiment に関連した改良点を含んでいます。

・ New: Put UISS in the System Tray!

・ New in Setup->Extra: enable/disable 'Use System Tray when Minimized'

・ Bug fix: forced closing of UISS when minimized (or on system tray)
   prevented UISS from normal startup (on the desktop): fixed
   (negatives location numbers in INI when minimized and app is closed)
   Thanks to VE6MVP for pointing this out

・ Shadow Experiment Bug fix when user chooses a smaller then 60 second
   TX Pause value. Now any value between 0 and 99 seconds can be used

・ In Shadow Experiment Wizard the TX pause value is added and other
   Wizard refinements.

・ In Setup->Extra: "Digipeated packets are validated (counted)..." 
   is moved to Setup->MHeard

・ Beacon time format allows other then : separator (hh:mm) according
   to the system country settings. More info on this subject is found
   in the manual (thanks to IZ6RND)

・ New in UI-MapView: Use System Tray when Minimized

・ New: automatically check for updates
   (menu Setup->Extra to enable/disable automatic updates)

・ Updated manual

FITSAT-1 LED2013年02月08日 20時50分