Re: CO-65 9k6 Digipeater hint2009年03月01日 10時05分

今のところ CO-65 GMSK 9k6 digipeat に成功しているのは日本だけのよう
今朝(Mar.1) のパスでは、自局を含め 3局がデジピートに成功しました。

Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: CO-65 9k6 Digipeater hint... Award needed ? 
From: Mineo Wakita
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 2009 09:49:38 +0900 

Yes, the uplink frequency is 1267.603MHz.
Up 1267.603MHz / Down 437.475MHz, GMSK 9k6
Unproto APRS via JQ1YTC

 Up         Down
1267.576   437.484  AOS
1267.603   437.475  TCA
1267.630   437.466  LOS

CO-65 continue doing ON of a transponder all the time
for these periods in March 2009.

> 2/28(Sat)12:29 - 3/02(Mon) 0:38
> 3/06(Fri)12:57 - 3/09(Mon) 1:13
> 3/14(Sat) 1:23 - 3/16(Mon) 0:12
> 3/20(Fri)12:31 - 3/23(Mon) 0:46
> 3/27(Fri)11:30 - 3/30(Mon) 1:22
> Coordinate Universal Time, UTC

When it is the elevation more than about 30 degrees,
you will be able to digipeat your GMSK signals.

And you need to give power more than about 10 watts,
and it's necessary to use a pre-amp for downlink
because the output power from CO-65 is 300[mW].
This is VERY VERY weak output power from CO-65.

Today 00:20-00:32UTC, 1st Mar 2009, Mel 49deg, GMSK 9600bps
JE9PEL>APRS,JQ1YTC* [03/01/09  00:27:13] <UI R>::SAT      :Hello via CO-65 9k6
JA5BLZ>CQ,JQ1YTC* [03/01/09  00:27:51] <UI>::JE9PEL   :HELLO VIA CO-65
JA5BLZ>CQ,JQ1YTC* [03/01/09  00:30:37] <UI>:73 ALL
JH1BCL>CQ,JQ1YTC* [03/01/09  00:30:40] <UI>::JA5BLZ   :RGR TNX MSG 73
→ Decoded by JA0CAW

Re^2: CO-65 9k6 Digipeater hint2009年03月01日 13時43分

Subject: [amsat-bb] Re^2: CO-65 9k6 Digipeater hint... Award needed ?
From: Mineo Wakita
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 2009 13:38:52 +0900 

Drew KO4MA wrote,
> I had several packets repeated (presumably) on the 0310 pass but
> I could not decode them. Signal was pretty strong on the downlink.
> Just using HyperTerminal and I'm sure I have a setting wrong.
> Is there an easy program to use to digi that doesn't involve agwpe?

I'm now using UI-View32 with TNC modeled G3RUH.

L-band loop antenna, 32 ele x 2, 24dBi
U-band cubical quad, 14 ele x 1, 16dBd
U-band preamp, RFgain 20dB