SGP計算モデル2021年06月05日 19時26分

Calsat32 - 計算モデルの選択に、「通常/SGP/SGP4(SDP4)/SGP8(SDP8)」 の4種類がある。
「通常」 に戻した。実際はどの設定が現実的なのだろうか? 各局はどう設定されてますか?">

Amicalsat S-band Transmission2021年06月05日 21時29分

[AMSAT-BB] Amicalsat : 6 June S-band Transmission Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2021 07:23:45 +0200
The 6 June amicalsat will transmit a picture above Europe, US and Asia.

Here is when a transmission will start :

   - 09:35 UTC
   - 05:58 UTC
   - 3:18 UTC

First CW is transmitted during one second, and then the frames follow. The
RTC onboard is not very accurate due to high temperature change, allow up
to two minutes drift on the time given. (because this is a planned task in
the satellite)

The transmission will occur on the S-band coordinated frequency : 2415.300
MHz Due to temperature and hardware limitation the frequency might be a
little lower.

For help, and reports please contact us.

Happy receiving !