COMPASS-1 一周年記念2009年04月27日 21時28分

COMPASS-1 が昨年(2008年4月28日) 打ち上げられてから明日でちょうど一年
になります。それを記念して、COMPASS-1 はコマンドがオープンされました。
には、DTMF Encoder (Ver1.2)、 DTMF Dial Tone Generator (Ver1.0) など

Subject: [amsat-bb] Happy Birthday COMPASS-1
From: Mike Rupprecht
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 15:52:17 +0200 

in two days we will celebrate the first anniversary of COMPASS-1.

We are happy to announce three DTMF commands to the whole community
in order to say THANK YOU.

Uplink frequency: 145.980 MHz FM, DTMF tones

These are as follows:

**35##  - request a test beacon CW
**36##  - request a test packet 1k2 AFSK FM (UI-Frame)
**60##  - request a housekeeping frame in 1k2 AFSK FM (KISS frame)

Every command will be confirmed with a short "beep" on the CW frequency.

* frequency for CW beacon is    437.275 MHz
* frequency for packet radio is 437.405 MHz

See here for COMPASS decoding software,

We'd be happy if you send us your received data to
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask us.

Have much fun, 73 and thank you !

Kevin, DG9KK
Mike,  DK3WN