FO-29 is by far my most favorite satellite.2022年02月04日 08時22分

FO-29 Telemetry Report #1
From: K9CIS, Frank Wiesenmeyer
To: JE9PEL, Mineo Wakita
Date: 3 Feb 2022

We are very happy to be hearing and using FO-29 again. We are using FT4 mode and copying telemetry.
The battery started out with very high voltage 21 volts and almost no charging current -19 mA,
but it is getting better. The battery was essentially open when we first started monitoring it.
We are hoping that the battery may recover some charge capacity with constant charging from full
orbit illumination. As you can see, all other telemetry channels look good and completely normal.

Telemetry data from yesterday and today are attached.
Hope you and your family are staying in good health and safe during this COVID? virus pandemic.
FO-29 is by far my most favorite satellite. I have been using RS-44 in its place and despite
a partial antenna aperture blockage, it works quite well despite some QSB.

Please give the FO-29 engineering team my thanks for allowing us to use FO-29 again.
If I can be of further assistance, advise me of your request.

73 from Illinois,
K9CIS/Frank Wiesenmeyer



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