New Good FO-29 TE2022年02月22日 07時46分

From: K9CIS, Frank Wiesenmeyer
Just received some very normal telemetry from FO-29.
The battery data looks very good. I hope this continues.
Maybe the battery is improving because it is warming up.
We have to see if this good data repeats on future passes.

KITSUNE2022年02月22日 08時29分

Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
6U, 10x20x30cm
Dn: 437.375MHz, 4k8_GMSK, CW
HK: 5840.000MHz, 4k8_GMSK, CW
Im: 5840.000MHz, 100k/5Mbps_BPSK, 10/20Mbps_QPSK

4L-FSK signal from ISS2022年02月22日 20時07分

ISS 4L-FSK signal on 20 Feb 2022.
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