How to decode GRIFEX using MixW2015年01月31日 10時12分

(1) Setup Serial Port Bridge MixW or VSPM

(2) Download for Windows XP
    Download VSPM for Windows 7 / 8.1
    MixW setup on Windows 7
    MixW setup on Windows 8.1

(3) Configure two pairs as follows,
    Pair#1: First emulated port:  COM10 (Input)
            Second emulated port: COM11 (Output)
    Pair#2: First emulated port:  COM7  (Input)
            Second emulated port: COM8  (Output)
    Reboot your computer.

(4) Settings MixW
    Mode ... Packet
    Mode settings ... Modem, VHF 9600 baud G3RUH
    Mode settings ... General, Check Emulate KISS TNC on TNC emulation port
    Configure ... Sound device settings, Samplerate 22050
    Configure ... TNC emulation, Port COM10*, Baud rate 9600

(5) Read GRIFEX PDF, Downloading-the-MXL-Client-Application.pdf

(6) How to install GRIFEX Decoder

    1. Registration
    2. Recieve a Mail
    3. Activate an account
    4. Get API Token
    5. Download Public Client Launcher
    6. Edit run_serial_to_tcp.bat

(7) Edit run_serial_to_tcp.bat in GRIFEX folder as follows. -q -p COM8 -b 9600 --rtscts -P 12500 -i 0 -n JE9PEL

(8) Run GRIFEX Decoder in the following order
    1. run_serial_to_tcp.bat
    2. run_gs_client.bat

(9) Then, Windows 8.1 -> VSPM -> MixW -> OnlineKissPlus -> GRIFEX Decoder



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