NASA CubeSats #12010年02月06日 18時53分

NASA により三個のキューブサットの打ち上げが、今年2010年 11月22日に計画

NASA will launch small research satellites for several universities
as part of the agency's Educational Launch of Nanosatellite, or
ELaNA, mission. The satellites are manifested as an auxiliary payload
on the Taurus XL launch vehicle for NASA's Glory mission, planned for
liftoff in 22 November 2010.

1. Explorer 1 Prime (E1P), Montana State University
   437.305MHz uplink and 437.505MHz downlink
   Space Science and Engineering Laboratory

2. Hermes, University of Colorado
   Hermes CubeSat project Webpage

3. KySat-1, Kentucky Space Consortium of state universities
   145.850MHz FM uplink and 436.975MHz FM downlink

NASA CubeSats #22010年02月06日 19時00分

 Explorer 1 Prime



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