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UmKA-1 event #42024年03月19日 08時58分

IRIS-F1 2k4_BPSK #12024年03月19日 09時50分

IRIS-F1 uses G3RUH BPSK, but I noticed it was at 2400bd here:

I, UZ7HO decoded the following:

1:Fm BN0IF1-1 To BN0CKU-1 <UI C Pid=F0 Len=228> [01:15:31R] [+++]
%%піШ-ЉпЮ NЁ >Sј>V>A:БиярЂk>R-[яТNъяьяяоЕцяAяH`PPJHяV+ ч"1eш3]Йя±Фь륳NF2»j)я§‹>[®Фx!¬°ън)ю$8™«
1:Fm BN0IF1-1 To BN0CKU-1 <UI C Pid=F0 Len=192> [01:15:34R] [+++]

Although, the playback speed was reduced by 4 times and I used 600bd "G3RUH BPSK"
modem because an original 2400bd signal carrier was on 11 KHz. This version
limited to 12Khz sample rate so I had to resort to this method for checking.

> On Tuesday, March 19, 2024, 0:37:15 you wrote:
> Hello, Andy.
> Which Soundmodem should I use to decode 4k8_BPSK of IRIS-F1?
> JE9PEL, Mineo Wakita
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