ROBUSTA series2022年07月11日 10時03分

University of Montpellier, France
ROBUSTA-1A            #38084  437.325MHz  1200bps AFSK, inactive
ROBUSTA-1B            #42792  437.325MHz  1200bps AFSK, active
ROBUSTA-1C (MTCube-1) #44399  436.750MHz  9600bps GFSK, inactive
ROBUSTA-1D (CELESTA)  #53111  436.500MHz  1k2AFSK,2k4/9k6GMSK, active
ROBUSTA-1E (ENSO)     #58471  436.250MHz  2400bps GMSK, active
ROBUSTA-1F (MTCube-2) #53109  436.750MHz  1k2AFSK,2k4/9k6GMSK, inactive

Today's Sats2022年07月11日 16時12分

Launch: 11 Jul 2022 @Falcon-9 v1.2

BeaverCube  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
CLICK-A     Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
CapSat-1    Weiss School, USA

D3          University of Florida, USA
            437.080MHz,2432.000MHz 1k2_AFSK/9k6_GMSK

JAGSAT-1    University of South Alabama, USA
            437.325MHz 9k6_2GFSK

TUMnanoSAT  Technical University of Moldova
            436.680MHz 9k6_GMSK