Guiana Space Center2012年12月01日 20時30分

Guiana Space Center in Kourou right under the equator is near to the scene
of famous movie "PAPILLON". I watched this jailbreak movie (1973) with DVD
on 30 Nov 2012, for the first time. The stage of the movie is Salut islands
such as Diable or Saint-Joseph in offing 10km of the Kourou. In the exile
place most terrible in history in France, the most criminals were not able
to go out of this island here for the reasons of the severe environment. 

Steve McQueen (Papillon) and Dustin Hoffman (Louis Degas) play the jailbreak
based on the true story in this movie. The scene of the cell in particular
was very heavy, and myself became depressed. "PAPILLON" in French means a
butterfly or a moth in English, and it becomes the symbol of the tattoo of
the chest of Steve McQueen.

I return a topic and pinpoint the place of Guiana Space Center by Google Map.
"Centre Spatial Guyanais" located in the Kourou northwestern part of the lower
map is it. "Centre Spatial Guyanais" in French means "Guiana Space Center"
in English. I thought here whether it was a national park at the beginning
and searched the shoreline neighborhood, but here was "Guiana Space Center"
in fact. Furthermore, I enlarged the point where the northwest buildings in
the map crowded. I think that they are management buildings of the rockets.

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