UmKA-1 planned missions2023年06月07日 21時40分

Launch date - 27 Jun 2023

Russian Students of School No.29 have developed the UmKa-1 satellite
with a telescope on board. The device is assembled on the basis of
the OrbiCraft-Pro platform. The payload was handled by the pupils of
the school center for scientific creativity. The educational institution
also has its own astronomical complex with a planetarium and an observatory.

The elements of the payload are the high-power telescope "Leptonar-20955K"
and the astronomical digital camera playerOne Saturn-C SQR. Before placing
them in the satellite body, the project participants took pictures of the
constellation Cygnus, as well as the Andromeda nebula from Earth.

RoseyCubesat-1 images2023年06月07日 23時04分

RoseyCubesat-1 を画像化する際、ちょっとしたことに気が付いた。
左は "Observation #7597434" (SatNOGS) のみ、
右は "Observation #7591263+7597434+7597475" の三つの Audio を
直列的に流して最後に "Ctrl+C" としたもの。比べてみると、右の方の