FW from AMSAT-BB2018年01月21日 07時53分


[amsat-bb] AO-92 L-band Uplink Open Until 01:30 UTC 21-Jan-2018
Sat Jan 20 20:10:09 UTC 2018

First contact made on AO-92 with L-band uplink. RX sig was strong
with 58-59 from the sat with max 29 deg EL. I didn't change my
polarisation on the dwnlink but it looks and sounds FB during qso
with SP8CGR.

I am using MASPRO WHS-32N ant system, the 2m part, for RX and
a homemade 2*19el crossyagi on 23cm with 5W RHCP fixed.
I will try again the next pass this evening with another yagi
( i have plenty) for the uplink. My main sat antennas are pc-
controlled, but i had to correct the uplink antenne manually
because it is not on the tower yet.
TRX is Kenwood TS-790e for RX+TX.

Good job for this sat, and finally another with L-band.

73's Jerry,ON4CJQ

[amsat-bb] TianYi 2 identified and TianYi 6 almost identified
Sat Jan 20 13:27:40 UTC 2018

Detailed doppler measurements show that TianYi 2 (TY 2) is
object 43155, 2018-008A. TY 2 is a payload in the satellite
XiaoXiang 2 (XX 2). Downlink: 435.350 MHz.

Detailed doppler measurements show that TianYi 6 (TY 6) is
either object 43157, 2018-008C, or 43158, 2018-008D. TY 6 is
a payload in the satellite QuanTuTong 1 (QTT 1).
Downlink: 436.100 MHz.

Currently the separation between objects 43157 and 43158 is
less than 1 second.

73, Nico PA0DLO



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