Changes to AMSAT-NA TLE Distribution2017年11月26日 20時55分

Changes to AMSAT-NA TLE Distribution for 11-21-2017, Object Comment

Due to Thanksgiving being on Thursday, the AMSAT-NA TLE Distribution
for this week will be today, November 21, 2017. Next week we will
continue with the normal TLE distribution on each Thursday of the
week. Note that, per comments below, AO-91 is most likely object 43016.

It appears that AO-91 is in the group of cubesats launched on 11-18-
17 that include objects 43016, 43017, and 43018. The object 43015
that we were using for AO-91 has separated enough to be confirmed as
Buccaneer RRM by 18th Space Control Squadron at Vandenburg AFB, CA.
One of 18 SPCS many missions is launch analysis.

Therefore, based analysis (by Nico Janssen, (PA0DLO) and discussion
by Alan Biddle (WA4SCA), Jerry Buxton (N0JY), Nico Janssen (PA0DLO),
Paul Stoetzer (N8HM) and myself AO-91 is most likely object 43016.
Note that these objects are still very close together and one more
change could be needed. The process of identification is one of
waiting for a group of objects to separate enough to isolate the one
you are interested in and positively identify it's signal as matching
a certain TLE set. Simple, right!

For comparison, Buccaneer (object 43015, not AO-91) is now at least
26 seconds from objects 43016, 43017, and 43018.  Objects 43016,
43017, and 43018 are still about 2 seconds apart. (Analysis by Nico,PA0DLO)
[ANS thanks Ray Hoad for the above information]

EagleSat-1 Requests Help Listening for Beacon

RadFxSat-1/Fox-1B AO-91's P-POD mate on the ELaNa XIV, EagleSat-1:
their team is having trouble hearing their beacon on 437.645MHz. The
beacon transmission timing is 1 minute. Please send reception
reports to Deborah Jackson (jacksd40 at and Steven Buck
(bucks2 at ... via
[ANS thanks Jerry N0JY for the above information]



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