Re: New Satellites2007年04月20日 22時07分

KE5FSG, Jonathan Wagner 氏からの返信です。
CAPE-1 は、OBJECT L, M, N の可能性があるようです。
Subject:  [amsat-bb:97892] Re: New Satellites
From:     Jonathan Wagner
To:       Mineo Wakita
Cc:       amsat-bb
Date:     Fri, 20 Apr 2007 06:53:15 -0500 (CDT)

We're still not sure which object CAPE-1 is since we haven't heard
it recently.  We think 31122 (OBJECT F) is P-POD A with CP4,
Aerocube and Boeing's cube.  Tethers Unlimited's MAST was detected
using tracking information for 31126 (OBJECT J). OBJECTS L, M and N
are believed to be the P-POD B group CAPE1, Libertad1 and CP3, but
no good contact has beenmade tracking these.  A station in Denmark
reported hearing something from the L/M/N cluster but nothing
decipherable.  If anyone on here has time and a station set up for
tracking, any help finding the cubes is greatly appreciated.

The latest we were tracking was an older version of this TLE.

1 31129U 07012N   07110.22204978  .00000384  00000-0  10000-3 0   102
2 31129 098.0841 185.3550 0102972 204.2636 155.3680 14.51906202   399

Jonathan Wagner, KE5FSG



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