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PicSat message by Carl Sagan2018年03月02日 19時00分

天文学者でありSF作家でもあった米国の Carl Sagan の言葉だということです。


> Enjoy your weekend with lots of good apple pie!
> If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the Universe (CS).


What did Carl Sagan mean when he said "If you wish to make
apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe"? - Quora

The word "scratch" in that sentence means the same as "zip",
"nada", "goose egg", etc. -- that is, "nothing".

So, if you make an apple pie using apples, flour, sugar, etc. that you
purchased at the store, you're not really making the pie "from scratch".
You must admit that the farmers that grew the apples, harvested the grain
and sugar cane, along with the truck drivers that delivered the goods to
the store, etc., all had a hand in making your pie.

But even if you grow the apples, wheat and sugar cane in your own
backyard, and grind the wheat to flour using tools you fashioned yourself,
and extract sugar from the cane yourself, you're still relying on many
things you did not make: the soil, the sunlight, etc.

The only way to really make an apple pie "from nothing", would be to
create the universe yourself.

That is what Carl Sagan meant.

AAUSAT-2 strong 1k2 MSK2018年03月03日 19時45分

PicSat strong 1k2 BPSK2018年03月03日 21時06分

Aeneas strong 1k2 AFSK2018年03月04日 08時17分

NUDTSAT strong 9k6 BPSK2018年03月04日 09時14分

DTUsat-2 weak 2.4GHz CW2018年03月04日 16時59分

LAPAN-A2 (ORARI,IO-86) frequency reversed2018年03月04日 19時10分

(C)Indonesian Radio Amateur Organization

LAPAN-A2/ORARI の軌道傾斜角は8度と低いので、緯度32度以上の地域では受信で

LAPAN-A2 (ORARI,IO-86) frequency reversed

  145.880 MHz FM uplink (88.5Hz PL tone)
  435.880 MHz FM downlink
  145.825 APRS digipeater
  437.425 MHz telemetry beacon

                       ID     Uplink           Downlink       Telemetry   Mode                 Callsign
LAPAN-A2 (ORARI,IO-86) 40931  145.880/145.825  435.880/145.825  437.425   FM_tone 88.5Hz/APRS  YBSAT/YBOX-1


BIRDS-2 CubeSat Constellation2018年03月04日 20時04分

BIRDS-2 Project: Bhutan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Japan
Planning a deployment from the ISS in 2018:


  Up/Down = 145.825MHz/437.375MHz, APRS digipeater