ANDE-2, DRAGONSat #82009年08月01日 01時26分

私信 2通目です。 AggieSat-2 は、19200bps ということです。

※ これから新潟県六日町の温泉に一泊、のんびりしてきます。

Re: AggieSat2 mode
From: John Thomas Graves
To: Mineo Wakita
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 11:07:08 -0500

Its actually at 19200 bps, and its a data modem with proprietary
synchronization protocols (it is an off the shelf data modem, the company
wouldn't even let us know what all those settings were). To our knowledge
a unit of similar type is needed for decoding.

If you can receive the beacon (a 5 second burst that initiates on a 1/20Hz
repetition cycle) we would love to hear about it. It appears Bevo and
AggieSat are stuck together right now. We are looking for aliveness
confirmation until we can get the units in a stable state.

We have had one contact ourselves, and a few from amateurs reported that
show it is alive, but maybe weak. If you can give similar confirmation with
times it would be great to help aid us to get the satellites in a stable


On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 5:23 AM, Mineo Wakita wrote:
> Hello John,
> > AggieSat2 is operating on 436.25 MHz.
> Thank you.
> Is this frequency 1200bps? or 9600bps?
> JE9PEL, Mineo Wakita

John Graves
Masters Candidate
Graduate Lab Manager
AggieSat Lab, Texas A&M University

ANDE-2, DRAGONSat #92009年08月01日 02時30分


ANDE-2, DRAGONSat #102009年08月01日 02時56分

私信 3通目です。そろそろ寝ます。

Decoding is difficult. The radio is an Microhard MHX425 data modem. It has
proprietary synchronization and protocol behavior. Unless you have a modem
such as that you probably wont be able to receive the data from the radio.

Be that as it may any more contacts and recordings you can make with time
stamps to show that the unit is still alive at specific times would be
fantastic. Our data suggests that Bevo and AggieSat did not separate. We are
receiving weak signals. Were hoping they come apart later in the mission.
Until they do separate, any indication and proof from amateurs that it is
still in a functional state (ie: beaconing) would be very welcome throughout
the mission until we can either get a handle on their state, or fully operating.

帰還2009年08月02日 18時23分


旅館から見た山並み           関越トンネルの中

ISS SSTV2009年08月03日 19時44分

ISS SSTV が出ているようです。 145.800MHz

POLLUX findu2009年08月04日 17時28分

ANDE-2 POLLUX は、 で動作していることが確認できました。
ANDE-2 CASTOR も同様と思われます。

POLLUX / CASTOR decoder 補足2009年08月05日 23時50分

Die Pakete konnen in einem ASCII File vorliegen oder einfach per Drag&Drop
in das obere Fenster kopiert werden.


レッドクリフ PartII2009年08月06日 20時15分

本日は、昨日 DVD公開されたばかりの「レッドクリフ PartII」を見ました。

ANDE-2 frequencies2009年08月07日 22時00分


POLLUX: 145.826 MHz 1200 bd AFSK
CASTOR: 145.828 MHz 1200 bd AFSK

ISS SatGate report2009年08月08日 10時26分

10:14-10:20JST 8Aug2009, Mel 4deg, 145.825MHz @RS0ISS-3