Bobcat-1 57k6 Telemetry decoding #32020年11月17日 22時22分

Sample wav (edited by JA0CAW)

New Sats ID2020年11月16日 21時35分

BY70-3    46840
NEUTRON-1 85421
SPOC      99792
BOBCAT-1  99837

サンゴ礁2020年11月16日 21時15分

Bobcat-1 38k4 Telemetry decoding #22020年11月15日 08時30分

HDSDR (Ver2.80)

Soundmodem (Ver0.01 for 38k4)
Currently requesting to send it directly to UZ7HO

Sample wav (edited by JA0CAW)

> Re: 38k4 soundmodem
> From: "Andy UZ7HO"
> To: "Mineo JE9PEL"
> Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2020 14:37:10 +0300
> Hello Mineo,
> I have used 96000 hz sample rate, so check your SDR settings.
> I found that good settings are: 56-60 khz for IF filter and 28-30 khz
> for AF filter in HDSDR program.  SDR# seems does not work properly,
> at least audio signal looks cropped down to 16 khz.
> I have success with SatNOGS records, they were recorded in 48 khz
> format though (it requires better SNR then).

Bobcat-1 38k4 Telemetry decoding #12020年11月14日 23時47分

Bobcat-1 38k4 Telemetry をデコードすることができた。詳細は明日。
HDSDR (Ver2.80) + Soundmodem (Ver0.01 for 38k4) + wav (edited by JA0CAW)

Soyuz 2.1b deployments2020年11月14日 09時37分


Launch vehicle, Soyuz-2-1b/Fregat
Launch site, Plesetsk Site-43, Pad-4
Launch date, 28 Sep 2020, 11:20:32 UTC

DEKART       437.000MHz 4800bps mobitex, active
             #46493 20068H
             NIIYaF MGU, Russia

ICEYE-X6     unknown
             #46497U 20068M

ICEYE-X7     unknown
             #46496U 20068L

KEPLER-4     unknown
             #46499U 20068P
             Kepler, Canada

KEPLER-5     unknown
             #46498U 20068N
             Kepler, Canada

LacunaSat-3  unknown
             #46492 20068G

MeznSat      436.600MHz 1k2 BPSK, active
             #46489 20068D
             Khalifa University, UAE

NETSAT-1~4   435.600MHz 9k6 FSK, active
             #46507~46504 20068X~20068U
             University of Wurzburg, Germany

Norbi        436.700MHz 9k6 FSK/250k_LoRa, active
             #46494 20068J
             Novosibirsk State University, Russia

Salsat       435.950MHz
             #46495 20068K
             Berlin Technical University, Germany

Yarilo-1     435.350MHz, active
             #46490 20068E
             Bauman School, Russia

Yarilo-2     435.550MHz, active
             #46491 20068F
             Bauman School, Russia

【ST2-USB】2020年11月13日 22時43分

8年前の記事、No.752 の中段に、JA3IKC, JE1CVL各局の記事を追加した。Tnx.

【ST2-USB】FOX DELTA, 13 Nov 2020 by JA3IKC, JE1CVL


mode LoRa2020年11月13日 20時55分

Norbi衛星は、9600bps FSK と 250k_LoRa を交互に切り替えて運用している
ことをドイツの関係者から指摘を受けたので、Satellites List を修正した。

Only fragmentary information was available on the secondary Russian
payloads of the mission. It is known that a 6U cubesat named Norbi
was developed at Novosibirsk State University, NGU.

Norbi  46494  436.700  9600bps FSK/250k_LoRa  *

> Hello Mineo,
> this looks good. Perhaps you could add LoRa to the modes?
> It is switching between 9600bps FSK and LoRa periodically.
> Thank you very much for your help,
> vy 73 de Didi, DK7TD

BY70-32020年11月12日 20時57分

BY70-3 was launched on 2020-11-06 with a CZ-6 rocket.
Coordinated downlink frequency 437.443MHz, 8000bps BPSK.
No signals received so far, #46840 20079P. @PA0DLO

SwampSat-2 changed frequency, now 435.600MHz @EU1SAT

Orion2020年11月11日 20時18分