Battery discharge?2023年04月27日 08時07分


Geoscan-Edelveis jpg creating #11-32023年04月27日 13時21分

$ grep '^2023-04-26 10' 30427ge1.csv > 2023-04-26_10.csv
$ python3 2023-04-26_10.csv
> Writing image to: 2023-04-26_10.jpg

EOS-7 Mission2023年04月27日 14時28分

ISRO, Bhutan
SSLV-D2 EOS-7 Mission PDF
#55562, 145.825Mhz  1k2AFSK,APRS A55BTN, active

Geoscan-Edelveis jpg creating #12-12023年04月27日 21時20分

[Real-time image decoder for Geoscan-Edelveis satellite]

Geoscan-Edelveis衛星、「Real-time image decoder」 が公開された。文字通りに

1. Run GUI-Decoder.exe
2. Click on "Start soundmodem"
3. Set your soundmodem to your input audio device from which
   the signal will be captured.
4. Click on "Start decoder" (If everything is fine, you will
   receive a message about successful connection.)
5. Click on "Read image" -> To display the photo in real time.
   The photo will also be in the folder with the decoder