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DATE 2022 Nov 13 @AMSAT-NA

CAS-10 Launched to Chinese Space Station

CAMSAT's CAS-10 (XW-4) satellite was launched on November 12, 2022, carried
on the Tianzhou 5 cargo spacecraft to the Chinese Space Station. Deployment
from the Chinese Space Station is expected on or about December 15th. The
satellite will be active immediately upon deployment into its own 400 km
orbit with an inclination of 42.9 degrees.

CAS 10 is an 8U CubeSat approx 228x455x100mm with 12kg Mass. A follow on
mission from CAS-9 and also known as Hope-4 (XW-4) Carrying a V/U Mode
Linear Transponder, a UHF – CW Telemetry Beacon, a UHF – AX.25 4.8k/9.6kbps
GMSK Telemetry downlink and a space camera.

CAS-10 carries a VHF uplink and UHF downlink linear transponder with a
bandwidth of 30kHz. This transponder will work all day during the life
cycle of the satellite, and amateur radio enthusiasts around the globe can
use it for two-way radio relay communications.
CAS-10 carries a camera, and the pictures it takes are stored in the flash
memory on the satellite, we have designed a simple remote control system
based on DTMF, and amateur radio enthusiasts around the globe can send DTMF
commands to download the camera photos.
CW beacon uses Morse code to send satellite telemetry data, which is also a
feature that is widely welcomed by amateur radio enthusiasts.

Downlink frequencies for VHF/UHF linear transponder 435.180 MHz, for UHF CW
telemetry beacon 435.575 MHz and for telemetry 435.725 MHz. Also an uplink
for the transponder 145.870 MHz have been coordinated.

[ANS thanks Alan Kung, BA1DU, CAMSAT, for the above information]

Sat     Up       Down     Beacon   Mode
CAS-10  145.870  435.180     .     VHF/UHF SSB           
CAS-10     .        .     435.575  DTMF_camera CW        
CAS-10     .     435.725     .     4K8 9K6 GMSK telemetry

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#533106, not 53321

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> 若き科学者ダグとトニーは、米国の極秘プロジェクト計画の開発途上のタイム・
> トンネルに送り込まれたまま、過去と未来をさまよう放浪者となってしまった。

シリーズDVDを入手した。 懐かしく視聴しているが、日本では未放映の「真珠湾
攻撃の前夜」(第4話) も収録されている。この回が日本で放映されなかった理由