FO-29 SSB&CW recovered2022年11月02日 08時23分


GreenCube Soundmodem #12022年11月02日 17時21分

> Here is the test version:
> There you can find client application and two modems for SSB and FM mode.
> I guess SSB version will be preferable because you can use additional
> decoders (see "Modem" settings) and no decoupling issue because the
> FSK 1200bd signal is quite "low-frequency". Just make sure that you
> use correct offset in USB mode (for 1600Hz should be -1.6 KHz).
> Take care!

GreenCube #53106, up_435.310MHz down_435.310MHz, 0k3/1k2/2k4 FSK,Digipeater