Re: Satellites2021年03月29日 18時16分

I, JE9PEL publish the following a reply because I think it will be useful
to the general use of Satellites.


Please read the following PDF file.

It has all the answers to your questions for the satellite communications.
This is a file I just wrote for beginners in the satellite communications.
It is written in Japanese, but I think it can be converted to English by
Google Translate. If you can convert it to English, please let me know.

Satellites basically send many data by AFSK, FSK, BPSK, CW, not AM.
I use the applications such as SDR#, Soundmodem, SatPC32 on Windows10,
and GQRX, Gpredict on LINUX to receive data from Satellites.
Please refer to the following my site in English.

The N2YO site will help you know when the satellite will fly over you.

Thank you.
JE9PEL/JR6, Mineo Wakita