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Norbi衛星は、9600bps FSK と 250k_LoRa を交互に切り替えて運用している
ことをドイツの関係者から指摘を受けたので、Satellites List を修正した。

Only fragmentary information was available on the secondary Russian
payloads of the mission. It is known that a 6U cubesat named Norbi
was developed at Novosibirsk State University, NGU.

Norbi  46494  436.700  9600bps FSK/250k_LoRa  *

> Hello Mineo,
> this looks good. Perhaps you could add LoRa to the modes?
> It is switching between 9600bps FSK and LoRa periodically.
> Thank you very much for your help,
> vy 73 de Didi, DK7TD

【ST2-USB】2020年11月13日 22時43分

8年前の記事、No.752 の中段に、JA3IKC, JE1CVL各局の記事を追加した。Tnx.

【ST2-USB】FOX DELTA, 13 Nov 2020 by JA3IKC, JE1CVL