FO-29 Silent since 9 July 20192019年07月14日 08時43分

Re: FO-29 Silent since 9 July
From: Frank Wiesenmeyer
To: Mineo Wakita
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2019 12:47:31 +0000

Hello Mineo:

I am sorry to report that I have not heard FO-29 since 9 July.
Untilthis time the telemetry data had been looking very good
with normal battery voltage, current and a temperature of 19 deg.

Solar array current outputhas been in excess of 1000 mA.
However, I have noticed that the satellitehas been in eclipses
in recent months and that they have been getting longer with a
current  duration time  of 17 minutes with no sun each orbit.

Have the command stations tried to turn FO-29 on?
As I remember this problem  has happened before several years ago
during times of long eclipses.  However FO-29 is now 23 years old
and I am much more worried about it's condition.

I am hoping FO-29 is just "off line" resting until the eclipse
times end or are shorter. I will be sending you recent telemetry
in afuture email.

Any information you can give me would be most welcome as I am
very worried about the condition of my favorite satellite and
good friend FO-29.

Mineo: Here are 3 recent FO-29 Reports. I hope the COMMAND STATIONS
can still communicate with FO-29. Here are my most recent telemetry
reports from July 8 and 9 up to the lastday FO-29 was transmitting
a signal.

I hope the COMMAND STATIONS can still communicate with FO-29.
There is noinformation anywhere on the condition of FO-29.
If you have any information on the health and condition of FO-29,
please send it to me as soon as possible.  
The telemetry looked very good right up until the bird went silent.

73 for now,

Frank Wiesenmeyer K9CIS
Decatur, IL 
300 km Southwest of Chicago

PSAT-2 SSTV2019年07月14日 15時38分

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