DSLWP UHF Test Plan on May 31, Jun 1 and Jun 32018年05月31日 19時04分

[amsat-bb] http://amsat.org/pipermail/amsat-bb/2018-May/068224.html

Hi OMs,

We are planning two tests for UHF of DSLWP-B, from 31 May 16:00 UTC
to 31 May 18:00 UTC, and from 1 Jun 02:00 UTC to 1 Jun 04:00 UTC. 

We will change the mode of the transmitters to 250 bps GMSK and
JT4G on 435.4 MHz (GMSK every 5 min, JT4G every 10 min,
JT4G has higher priority), and 250 bps GMSK on 436.4 MHz (every 5 min).

Corresponding demod grcs should be used.
Some more tests are planned on Jun 3, and detailed time TBD.

The temperature of onboard batteries is a little higher than expected,
that's why UHF is not always on. 

Tracking file updates can be found on:
http://github.com/bg2bhc/dslwp_doc or

Updated version of Live CD:

Best Regards and 73!

WEI Mingchuan