D-Star ONE - SECOND BIRTH!2018年01月29日 20時17分

(C)German Orbital Systems

やはり D-Star ONE は昨年、喪失していました。きのう紹介した D-Star ONE は
正式には 「D-Star ONE 1.1 Phoenix」 つまり、その生まれ変わりです。短時間で
2機目の 「Phoenix 不死鳥」 を作り上げたわけです。(C)German Orbital Systems

On November 28, 2017 we lost our satellite in the result of a failed
launch of the Russian State Space Corporation Roscosmos' Meteor-M No.2-1
 meteorological mission. We were shocked by this loss, but braced up and
began working hard together with our partners from iSky Technology.

Our teams were actively working together during the Christmas and New
Year holidays, and we are happy to announce that today we have completed
the assembly and final checks of the D-Star ONE v.1.1 Phoenix satellite.

We called this project Phoenix because since ancient times the phoenix
has been a symbol of rebirth and renewal. On November 28, 2017 our
satellite burned in the dense layers of the atmosphere, so that in 44
days it could rise from the ashes! It was an extremely challenging task
to assemble a fully identical flight spare from the parts we had in such
short period of time and to maintain the same quality level.

One thing that paid off during this extremely busy month apart from the
self-sacrifice of our team was that we consequently changed our project
management approach from traditional to agile in 2017. While the benefits
were not that visible during D-Star ONE 1.0, agile project management
made D-Star ONE 1.1 Phoenix reality.