STEP-1 not heard CW2018年01月14日 09時17分


AO-92 Camera Tests Planned2018年01月14日 20時18分

カメラ画像を、JA0CAW, JA3FWT各局が受信し公開されています。

January 14, 2018 Camera On Times (Approximate)

01:12 UTC - 01:52 UTC
02:42 UTC - 02:51 UTC

This should provide an opportunity for stations in areas including Russia,
China, and Japan to receive pictures from the Virginia Tech camera.
Please be sure that FoxTelem’s source is set to “Auto” so you will
be able to receive either high-speed frames carrying camera payloads or
data under voice (DUV) frames when the satellite is in Safe Mode or
Transponder Mode. If using an external audio source for FoxTelem, be sure
you are set for a minimum bandwidth of 20 kHz to receive the high-speed data.