Falconsat-3 users--tip for Directory requests2017年11月10日 19時34分

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[amsat-bb] Falconsat-3 users--tip for Directory requests
From: Mark L. Hammond
Thu Nov 9 23:11:02 UTC 2017

Hello fellow FS-3 Users,
Great to see all the use of the BBS!
It's robust and fun, so glad you all are using it. It's seeing
use around the world, based on the calls of the uploads. Super.

I do want to share a tip, based on personal experience, with the PBBS.
Observation---it seems like the Directory can never be fully updated;
your station keeps requesting a directory update but there are still
"holes" that it can't seem to fill.

Solution---in GSC, go to Housekeeping/Directory Maintenance, select
Falconsat-3, and "check" the Remove Holes option, and then click "OK".
That will get you past the hiccup that seems to show up from time to time.

I have to do this about once every week or two at N8MH. I've seen some
of you in the "queue" for the full duration of the passes, so I expect
that you are stuck and can't quite it updated.  Please do the above...

FS-3 is quite reliable and the bird has been operating over 2 years
continuously since the last upload of the filesystem.  Quite a feat...
AO-51 used to go for weeks or even months at a time, but we've never
seen an uptime like this:
PHT: uptime is 741/17:58:23.  Time is Thu Nov 09 23:04:02 2017

Enjoy our "new" bird!   

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]
FS-3, AO-85 command station

WiSP directory maintenance for uploading, by JE9PEL/1 

1- Do "File Housekeeping" and "Directory Maintenance".
2- Delete any PUL (partial) and ULX (could not upload) file.
3- Delete "MSPE Dir Holes.DAT" in C:\wisp\(satellite) folder.
4- Change to [N] the unnecessary files at Status[S] in View-Dir.
5- It also works well on Windows10, 64bit OS.