Hoopoe strong 9k6 BPSK2017年11月05日 10時02分

FalconSAT-3 9k6 GMSK2017年11月05日 18時46分

18:26-18:37JST, 5 Nov 2017, Ele 82 W-Z-E, U145.840 / D435.103, 9k6 GMSK
WiSP3215 + TNC241 + TMB965 on Windows10 64bit

WiSP directory maintenance for uploading2017年11月05日 19時51分


1- Do "File Housekeeping" and "Directory Maintenance".
2- Delete any PUL (partial) and ULX (could not upload) file.
3- Delete "MSPE Dir Holes.DAT" in C:\wisp\(satellite) folder.
4- Change to [N] the unnecessary files at Status[S] in View-Dir.
5- It also works well on Windows10, 64bit OS.