PSAT digi OFF, and QIKCOM-1 this Friday2017年10月24日 20時30分

[amsat-bb] PSAT digi OFF, and QIKCOM-1 this Friday
Mon Oct 23 20:53:29 UTC 2017
Robert Bruninga

PSAT has entered safe mode with the digipeater OFF.
It will show the PSAT-1 callsign until sun angles improve..

QIKCOM-1 might deploy from the ISS this coming Friday.
It will simply digipeat just like the ISS using the same ARISS alias as
the ISS digipeater.  It will be 10 dB stronger than PSAT and about the
same power level as ISS and should be easy to receive.  All are on the
145.825 downlink.  It should also digipeat on its own callsign QIKCOM-1
if you want to hit it specifically.

We ask all potential IGates to check your ground stations and make sure
they are ready to IGate packets during those initial orbits from all over
the globe.  If you do not have an IGate, just capture packets and hold
them until we see if any are missing from the APRS-IS.  Downlinks should
be available on the original and also on

QIKCOM-1 being released from ISS will of course have the same tracking
info as ISS until they begin to separate.

As usual, QIKCOM-1 is not intended for UNATTENDED BEACONS.
It is designed for Live Operations and experiments only.


US Naval Academy
144.390MHz when over the US
145.825MHz with 4 watts RF output
Release from ISS on 27 October 2017


WiSP message confirmed2017年10月24日 21時35分

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すぐに返信メールを用意しました。 WiSP は完全自動なので、